Radiant Bits


Radiant elixir warms me
Coursing down my crown
My heart opens with delight
Molten gold burn away the shadow
Life stream ejected by a star beam
Eternal flame erupts inside


I am in the force of the roll
The mix and dance
As light is the lance
Piercing the center of all
The pool of energy
A cosmic effigy
The center of it all so small
The light crescents so tall




See all the sounds about where you step
Listen to the colors as they swirl
With them you radiate and bounce off
In a place you cannot see
You send energy every time you collide




I am Atom
Totality of the Sum
The center of the orbit
The ruler of the spiral
The radiance of all
A pearl lays at the wall
Luminance inscribed so small




A pearl you hold in your hand
So tiny, look inside
A world is there,
so far there is no end
That is my heart, this land,
A mirror of heaven.



I’m in a trance, in a dance
Flames licking around me
Drumming and strumming
Resonate through my head
Potent potion for an exile
Serpentine stones and oil
Greasy and warm on my skin
Whispers of heated debate wage
Tongues of fire and flesh, wag
All around, dancing in my head
Masks fell and voices faded
sparks died into quietness and ash
My heart and pulse louder inside
The watcher over me was motionless
Fevered and hoarse, aloud I cried
“Go to the edge of the camp
The lioness awaits her first kill.”
Bone tools and flint axes took flight
With warriors painted in blood and chalk
I fell back eyes glazed, almost lucid
The purr of the cat so loud in my head
Her hot breath caressed my neck and chest
The child walked past us and I screamed
Feeling her breath die within my heart
Weighted under claws, and a horde of teeth
The beast took all our soul with her in flight
My voice hoarse and parched, and cracked
Alone in the void of mourning, in pain
No day or night saved me from the tears
hot coals carving into my face and eyes
The beast fell to late as hate and regret came
In her place with accusations in my head
Locked in a trance, its spell holding me
My spirit was captive not alive still in the cat
The watcher dressed me in paint for death
To fevered to hear the lies told around me
I was a shell, a body, my face a mask of death
A cold, terror stone in my hand, the heart
A bloody weight in my palm and mind
A kettle held a spittle with cat, I was trapped
Wails, and cries overtook the darkness
Still I was laid prone out on my back
No hand, no word, could still my limbs
Nor the eye from on high, or the force of the wind
In my last breath, I felt my heart again.


Thinly pressed, flattened, they lay
Leaves under a tree, I thought
Bodies, like pages, once sages
Black and reddened in death
No funeral they are all gone

Forgotten tragedies cast aside
By history and time, now symbols
Words, abstracted, once real
Once men who left in agony
abandoned bones among stones
Warriors of legends, and myths
Under the sun and the moon
Ballads, poems are their shadows
Long passed were they here
Mortal, and quickened to war
No more their bed where they fell
Yesterday it was there the canopy
A hunters axe stole its column
A builder removed the marker stone
No sanctity for the dead, no place
For men walk over and upon
As if they’d never lived or died

Forerunner’s Vision

I am cast by the Shadow, a mold of the inner, set in light
Born of the Tree, the true consort, the great Pearl so bright
From nothingness I seed, within the womb of a new world
Buried deep, feet sunk downward, my arms had not formed
While entwined in the primal ruin, sightless, and discarded
I have No strength, no will, slave to all that which is within
A prisoner tamed by the wall, all boundaries have held me
My head hits the ceiling, my bed a wet womb that is cold.
“I am Asherah, your mother. You daughter are my mirror.
I am the plane jumper! The gate thrower! The Key to Liberty!
The Goddess of the Tree I am, with power over the Three
I ride to the heavens in a bright chariot, to rule there!
With a thought I fall to the underworld, crashing the gates!
I am the perilous Eye, ever present in your vision, where I rule!
Demons flee, angels send decrees, and the heavens shake.
I sink past your understanding, spiraling while in descent.
I draw down all light within and without. I am the transformer!
The planes bend to me, and cave to my very word, in a second.
I am goddess , the mother of life, I am the deliverer here now!
I am the Pearl caught in the hand of the divine, the seal of the All!
All doors and walls fall at my fast approach, clutch to me!
Hold your head high, oh Priestess , there are no barriers here
No reproach, just surrender and believe, all power awaits and bliss.”

Crysantheum Of Freedom

Chrysanthemum of freedom
Rolled out of the leaf drum
A scepter, temporal tear in my hand
holding up a drop of gold
a star collapsed set inward,
entwined to the sun in the heart
divine root grounded in flesh
a sign in the well and beaten
to the cosmic song all around
form dances by time outward
the gold spark a drop of fire
the spinning of atom into seed
ripping of speed thru the empty
as the sleepy heart peeks up
the crystal anthem hums
a scent of escape is revealed
reborn in rain, washed clean
inside out, a virgin beauty naked
the goddess’s skirt curled and pinked
her yellow naval, rounded and up.

In the breeze, eternal immanence
rules the saffron seated sanctum
the blush faced chrysanthemum
frees her radiant scent in the mind
Tranquility and bliss descend
Upon myself, folded up as I bow
Humility rules my heart as I wait
Dreaming of the fractal sun jewel
Iridescent, so bright guiding me
Solar flower’s divine rays of power
Dispenses her perennial grace
Upon my many petals of being
Open up and breathe in the divine
rise  up inward a temple of peace
Columns of unrealized dreams
Stand in the shadows of being
I breathe you in, holy flower of life
A patterned circumference
In breath all illusion falls, I am real
Unified with the universal whole.

Red Awakens

Red so dead, I bled
oozing martian
on scarred soil
“They killed us all.”
a breath of death
falling to oblivion
I awoke in another world
they call
cells in my memories..
I must find the others
the rest of us
in this prison
to break free…together.

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